Android is considered as World’s most popular creative mobile platform, which not only provides most compatible environment for developing apps but also ensures comfort and ease for its users with continuous updates. To confirm fastest speed in typing Android offers most flexible and great keyboards for saving both your time and efforts. Here we’re going to describe few of them, which are declared as best keyboard by users.

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

It’s a fast and accurate keyboard and available free of cost at Google play store. Saves your time and suggests you words and, the passage of time it becomes more efficient.  Auto correction and word prediction let enjoy effortless typing with minimum time. You can download visual appealing themes from SwiftKey Store and browse the new ones. Squeeze,split and modify your keyboard for your own ease. Moreover, you can use this keyboard on any Online website, and it will work incredible, I normally use Swiftkey to send free sms to Pakistan from smspunch website, because Android’s native keyboard malfunction at that website. Cloud connectivity allows you to connect your keyboard withSwiftKey Store and let you sync data and word prediction during chatting on social sites. More than 800 emojis are available, so add emotions with your words.

Swype Keyboard

Swype Keyboard

Swype has introduced the idea of swiping finger across the keyboard for fast typing.  Some gestures are included by default, quick copy and paste could be done by swipe to key C and V. while during chat if you delete complete text just need to swype key to X and for search something swype key to S. make your own dictionary and also sync it with other Android devices. Predict words and continue you chat with fastest speed; more than 71 languages are supported by Swype keyboard. Talk back and support by touch are exclusive features added up which are spoken back when you enter your text. Use it free of cost for 30 days.

Minuum Keyboard

Minuum Keyboard

It’s a best keyboard for adjusting with accordance to your mobile screen. Floating mode is perfect for those people who like to type with one hand and for multitasking it spares more space. You can also stretch it to full keyboard and lets you type more conveniently. More than 800 emoji are available for adding fun and emotions in conversations. You can tweak your keyboard and text and copy paste option enhances your typing speed.  You can use it in more than 20 languages and can download it from Google play store.

Google Keyboard

Google play let you type easier and provide you auto correction and word prediction, so you type accurately. It also supports voice typing and keypress popup animations. Add Emoji in your conversations and only reply with emoji to show your sentiment. Add quick punctuation while writing emails or official letters. Fix your errors and enjoy its great working on tablets too. To help you in selecting appropriate words dictionaries are available in more than 25 languages. Download it from Google play store and get a keyboard with advanced themes.

Flesky Keyboard

Flesky Keyboard

It’s a customizable keyboard with more than 30 beautiful themes. You can send GIFs with Flesky, copy and paste your text and capable to use more than emojis with incredible fast speed. Auto correct your text and predicts words with control cursor functionality.


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Mobile Operating System Warship is ready to get another competitive challenger, yes Samsung is planning to release next Tizen base Smartphone for emerging Indian Market, previously Samsung released Samsung Z that was a failure. Samsung Z was launched with 4.8 inches Super AMOLED Screen, 2 GB of RAM and 8 Mega Pixels Primary Camera, however investors lack of interest and confident in Tizen resulted in failure.

Samsung Z1 Tizen Ready to Launch in India

Talking about Mobile OS warship, we have already famous Android OS, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Firefox OS, Windows Phone OS, Ubuntu and Sailfish OS. Samsung is eyeing to create monopoly with its own Mobile Operating System, actually Tizen is not only specifically designed only for Mobile Devices, it also supports other various devices including Televisions, Personal Computers, Printers, Home Appliances, Smart Cameras, and for Auto Mobile Vehicles.

General View of Samsung Z1:

Now big news for Indian People is that Samsung is ready to release Samsung Z1 Ultra low price Smartphone Mobile on coming January. According to rumors, Samsung Z1 is labeled under $90 Price Tag. It will be interesting to see that what sort of response Samsung Z1 will get from Indian People, the Phone is said to have 4 inches display screen and a Dual core Processor @ clocking speed of 1.2 GHz, 512 MB of RAM along with 3 Mega Pixels of Primary Camera. The Phone will also support 3G Connectivity along with Wi-Fi option.

With such specs though these are only rumors, Samsung Z1 is an entry level Smartphone and it seems like that Samsung is testing and knowing the potential of its own Operating System with Smartphone Mobiles.

Success or Failure?

Previously Samsung was working on Bada Project, however due to some technical issues, Samsung stop working of Bada and merged previous project with Tizen OS. After failure of Samsung Z Smartphone, it will be a great challenge for Korean Company to deal on various concerns as a company who excel in electronics, electrical and mobile devices can do the same awesome with Operating System and Software?….

Global Release:

Samsung will unveil its next Tizen based Smartphone on 18th of the January 2015 in India, and will eb available in Indian markets by February, after India, Samsung will make Z1 Phone available for China and then Home Country (South Korea) within next 6 months.

The Korean Economic Daily reported that, Samsung is planning to release an ultra low price Smartphone which will make grounds under 100000 WON (Korean Currency), while China based Xiaomi is dominating this project.

The site further stated that, a Samsung Official said that: “We decided to release the Tizen phone in India on January 18, 2015. The price of the phone is set at less than 100,000 won.”

The Phone will also available via Online Shopping Portals and API.

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Sony marked its Xperia C3 Dual as world’s best Smartphone for Selfies that run on Android KitKat Operating System and powers a 2500 mAh Battery. Apart from just selfies and video calling via 5 Mega Pixel front facing camera, the phone offers High Definition Entertainment from every angle as Sony (3rd largest Television Manufacturer of world) has made Xperia C3 Dual best for HD Videos with incredible color schemes, while you will get the blazing speed of 4G LTE Connectivity as well.

Sony Xperia C3


Sony Xperia C3 Dual is a light weight and Slim Smartphone with7.6 mm thickness and weighs only 150 grams. With such specs, Sony Xperia C3 Dual is truly a portable Smartphone that can fit in pocket or anywhere, it is available in white, black and mint colors. The Phone can be operate via both hands.


Sony made Xperia C3 Dual gets a 5.5 Inches Display Screen that supports 720 pixels HD results, it features the Sony TV technologies now optimized for Mobile Devices. IPS (In Plan Switching) makes every angle accurate and perfect from any angle.


Sony Xperia offers mid range performance as it have Quad Core Snapdragon 400 Processor Chipset with 1.2 GHz Clocking Speed. The Processor is able to do multi tasking, i.e. can run multiple apps same time, improved web browsing experience, and good response without draining power of battery. It is powered by Adreno 305 GPU.

Memory Capacity:

Xperia C3 Dual gets 8 GB built-in storage which is indeed not in compliance with today’s physical memory consumption (5 GB is available for usage), however you can extend internal memory via microSD Card Slot up to 32 GB. It also gets 1 GB of RAM.


Camera is the most sweat area which Xperia C3 Dual gets, it is truly optimized for Selfies and Video Callings, it has 5 Mega Pixels front side camera and 25 mm wide angle lens to cover more space. This combination makes it better than Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera. Further to get brighter selfies, the front side camera has a LED Flash. The 8 Mega Pixel Camera on its back side is not a good deal, the rear camera lack focusing on subjects and offer an average shoot, by default rear camera is set to 5 MP, further the results to capture 1080p videos is just okay not prominence one.

Operating System:

Sony packs Xperia C3 Dual with Android 4.4 kitKat, the addition thing to it is the one handed operations option that let you allow to use it with one hand, however this feature only enables to unlock screen and to access notification and settings at the bottom by double tapping Home button.

Connectivity Options:

Sony Xperia C3 Dual supports Dual SIM, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and EDGE.


Sony Xperia C3 Dual is priced @ $265.


  • Low Internal Storage and expansion option
  • Average Rear Camera
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HTC Re Camera is  a standalone device that comes with Android and iOS. It’s main aim is to provide entertainment with its 16 Mega Pixels Camera and a Sony DSC Sensor. You need to just press a button on its top back side to hoot pictures and videos, while it has also a slow motion mode and time lapse mode. Good thing is that it resist against water up to 1 meter o depth. It has a built-in wireless and the Re app to know about what you are shooting.

HTC Re Handheld Camera


HTC Re Camera’s body is certainly light weight and comes with an ultra wide f 2.8 lens that allows 146 degree angle of view. It got a Sony made 1-2.3 Inches 16 MP CMOS sensor, Sensor is indeed bigger than the normal Smartphone Mobile Camera’s sensors. You can focus on your movements instead watching on how it is capturing the videos or snaps, as the sensor lens is so wide that you can do it easily.

HTC Re Camera shaped like an Inhaler, you can hold it from bottom, but make sure to hold it tightly as it start to slip from your grip after some time.

Shoot in Water:

HTC Re has ability to provide water resistance up to 1 meter or 3.3 feet. It means you can hold it in any thunderstorm or under the pool for next 30 minutes. If you are keen to take your HTC Re to more depth, you can try optional Water Proof Cap to get it under water for 3 meters or 9.8 feet with extended time of 120 minutes.

Video Recording:

HTC Re can record Videos and at 1080 Pixels or 720 Pixels resolution @ 30 FPS (Frames Per Seconds). It will sound a beep when you start recording, while the red light will blink at the time of recording or on taking photo.

Slow Motion Video Recording:

You can also record videos in slow motion, there is a button in the crook under the lens that switch normal recording mode to slow motion mode with ability to record videos at 720 Pixels resolution at 96 FPS (Frames Per Seconds), you need to Press and Hold the button to change normal video recording mode to slow motion mode. Then press the record button and do what you. Note that slow motion mode didn’t support audio and return back to normal video recording mode automatically.

Source: HTC


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Floors undoubtedly are the most prominent fraction of your home, office space, which impacts directly towards the whole ambiance of your home in the first sight. So, always put complete attention to detail, while choosing the floor design for your home. As nowadays, there are heaps of unique & spanking floor designs ideas are being floated by the interior designers to transform the whole appearance of your home in 2015.

Floor Designs Ideas for 2015

Here are some of the most popular unique different flooring trends to follow in 2015 for bringing contemporary style on floor designs.

Modern Floor Design Ideas:

Decorated Hardwood Floor:

As there are two types of timber floor designs getting popular these days one is made of Hardwood and second is made of Softwood both projects their physical structure. Decorated Hardwood designs posses more rigidness and durability as it is denser, which makes it more firm and compact in substance. Its mostly being used in corporate sector or commercial centers as its bit more expansive type of wooden flooring than other kinds of flooring. Some of the most popular decorated hardwood flooring timber types includes, Bamboo Flooring, Cork Flooring, and Oak Flooring.

Textured Concrete Floor:

Concrete flooring is the most widely used every day use flooring around the world preferred by customers because of its durability, easy care, economical, versatility, and the most popular these days is the textured concrete or marble flooring. Although, it’s a spanking new trend getting popular gradually also recognized as decorated concrete flooring. People who want to give their home or dedicated living area an modern stylish look do try this as it presents whole lot of variety of decorated concrete available in the market to choose the best suited one according o your taste.

Softwood Floor:

Softwood flooring projects specific kind of feel and natural colors that makes it more appealing and beaming for customers. Softwood is recommended for drawing rooms and bedrooms of the houses where rough treatment of floor is comparatively less in comparison to other living areas of the house. Its natural deem formulated it into the most fashionable flooring trend complimenting it for the imminent tendency in the year 2015.


As above discussed, there are many contemporary flooring trends going to be adopted in 2015, now interior designers also tries to experiment more persuading clients  too in the direction of making them apply latest flooring development, for renovating their home floors .

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