HTC Re Camera is  a standalone device that comes with Android and iOS. It’s main aim is to provide entertainment with its 16 Mega Pixels Camera and a Sony DSC Sensor. You need to just press a button on its top back side to hoot pictures and videos, while it has also a slow motion mode and time lapse mode. Good thing is that it resist against water up to 1 meter o depth. It has a built-in wireless and the Re app to know about what you are shooting.

HTC Re Handheld Camera


HTC Re Camera’s body is certainly light weight and comes with an ultra wide f 2.8 lens that allows 146 degree angle of view. It got a Sony made 1-2.3 Inches 16 MP CMOS sensor, Sensor is indeed bigger than the normal Smartphone Mobile Camera’s sensors. You can focus on your movements instead watching on how it is capturing the videos or snaps, as the sensor lens is so wide that you can do it easily.

HTC Re Camera shaped like an Inhaler, you can hold it from bottom, but make sure to hold it tightly as it start to slip from your grip after some time.

Shoot in Water:

HTC Re has ability to provide water resistance up to 1 meter or 3.3 feet. It means you can hold it in any thunderstorm or under the pool for next 30 minutes. If you are keen to take your HTC Re to more depth, you can try optional Water Proof Cap to get it under water for 3 meters or 9.8 feet with extended time of 120 minutes.

Video Recording:

HTC Re can record Videos and at 1080 Pixels or 720 Pixels resolution @ 30 FPS (Frames Per Seconds). It will sound a beep when you start recording, while the red light will blink at the time of recording or on taking photo.

Slow Motion Video Recording:

You can also record videos in slow motion, there is a button in the crook under the lens that switch normal recording mode to slow motion mode with ability to record videos at 720 Pixels resolution at 96 FPS (Frames Per Seconds), you need to Press and Hold the button to change normal video recording mode to slow motion mode. Then press the record button and do what you. Note that slow motion mode didn’t support audio and return back to normal video recording mode automatically.

Source: HTC


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Floors undoubtedly are the most prominent fraction of your home, office space, which impacts directly towards the whole ambiance of your home in the first sight. So, always put complete attention to detail, while choosing the floor design for your home. As nowadays, there are heaps of unique & spanking floor designs ideas are being floated by the interior designers to transform the whole appearance of your home in 2015.

Floor Designs Ideas for 2015

Here are some of the most popular unique different flooring trends to follow in 2015 for bringing contemporary style on floor designs.

Modern Floor Design Ideas:

Decorated Hardwood Floor:

As there are two types of timber floor designs getting popular these days one is made of Hardwood and second is made of Softwood both projects their physical structure. Decorated Hardwood designs posses more rigidness and durability as it is denser, which makes it more firm and compact in substance. Its mostly being used in corporate sector or commercial centers as its bit more expansive type of wooden flooring than other kinds of flooring. Some of the most popular decorated hardwood flooring timber types includes, Bamboo Flooring, Cork Flooring, and Oak Flooring.

Textured Concrete Floor:

Concrete flooring is the most widely used every day use flooring around the world preferred by customers because of its durability, easy care, economical, versatility, and the most popular these days is the textured concrete or marble flooring. Although, it’s a spanking new trend getting popular gradually also recognized as decorated concrete flooring. People who want to give their home or dedicated living area an modern stylish look do try this as it presents whole lot of variety of decorated concrete available in the market to choose the best suited one according o your taste.

Softwood Floor:

Softwood flooring projects specific kind of feel and natural colors that makes it more appealing and beaming for customers. Softwood is recommended for drawing rooms and bedrooms of the houses where rough treatment of floor is comparatively less in comparison to other living areas of the house. Its natural deem formulated it into the most fashionable flooring trend complimenting it for the imminent tendency in the year 2015.


As above discussed, there are many contemporary flooring trends going to be adopted in 2015, now interior designers also tries to experiment more persuading clients  too in the direction of making them apply latest flooring development, for renovating their home floors .

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Kitchen is the most delicate part of our house and the most integral too as it deals with food and no one can deny the importance of food in our life. Moreover, engrossing guests and visitors with any meal for a good impression is only possible with a conveniently designed kitchen so, undoubtedly it’s the genuine heart of the home. Whether you’re remodeling, rearranging, or just overhauling this space, consider how you live before rolling out any improvement idea. Get propelled to change this significant segment of your home with these under mentioned useful ideas to-take kitchen to an enriching level.

California Style Kitchen:

California Style Kitchen

A 4-by-4-foot pursues a section holding various types of electrical wiring and pipes runs directly through the room and couldn’t be moved. So originator Sandra Bird worked around it, and incorporated it out with four ranges: a cooking territory with the reach, a smorgasbord for the table, a work area, and afterward a baking region in back.

A strictly petite Kitchen:

strictly petite Kitchen

This modest style is very popular in New York City these days, kitchen has a spot for everything, says planner Stephanie Stokes. “In the wake of planning such a large number of kitchens for other individuals, I knew precisely what I required and what I needed,” she says. A reflected back sprinkle, an electric cook best that pairs as ledge and straightforward cabinetry help give the fantasy of glory.

Texas Kitchen idea with a French tie:

Texas Kitchen idea with a French tie

This style of kitchen is getting admired in some states of US including Dallas; this style of kitchen makes use of the walls significantly by placing most commonly used kitchen equipments on it or covering it with pasting cabinets. “It’s old reclaimed tile from France that was probably on the floor of some château,” believed by its designer Shannon Bowers. He further says “I wanted the feeling of an old-world kitchen”.

Soothing Kitchen Idea:

Soothing Kitchen Idea

Susan Ferrier is the designer of this unique tranquil idea of kitchen she says about this amazing calm intend, “You don’t want the eye to stutter in a small space”, “You want it to move naturally from one thing to the next, from similar color to similar color, from shape to shape.” Al though while color is not so familiar color pattern to be applied in kitchen space considering the amount of heat and roughness it has to bear if there are some kids around. Nevertheless overall it’s an immaculate idea for an absolutely calm kitchen space.


As discussed earlier that kitchen is the most vital or says sweet spot of home, so be precise & wise in what you find most convenient, while selecting any idea for accumulating a dream kitchen space.

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LG G Watch R Review

03 Dec 2014

The G Watch R at long last sees the combination between the new brandish of Smartwatches and the attempted and tried outline of conventional wristwatches, yet here we will examine does the mix work or not. While its rival Moto 360 has “flat tire” visual effect in contrast LG is able to provide proper round smartwatch.

LG G Watch R

It’s still moderately early entryways for the Smartwatch revolution, and Android Wear is absolutely still in its outset. This has been clear as the early wave of gadgets we’ve seen have been a bit untidy.

Like with all android outfitted Smartwatches the LG G Watch R is capable to work with any Android smartphone having Android 4.3 or above, moreover there’s yet speculations signifying that Google might bring in compatibility with iOS devices too in near future.

Design & Construct:

As all the new age smartwatches looks the same in a way, so design has become the most distinguishing factor of this gadget, this LG G Watch R it’s the most standard looking smartwatch around.

It has 3″ Full Circle P-OLED display, with 320 x 320 pixels having 246ppi, along with 33mm screen diameter for clear vivid display, dimension is merely has the bezel around the borders of the watch, which is first-rate.

On the other hand, G Watch R is also very trivial at 61 g weight, which is less in comparison of its build moreover, it is IP67 rated that means it’s entirely confined from dust and water anti for up to 30 minutes at an utmost deepness of one meter.

Overall, Build eminence is fine with a stainless steel body; although the main drawback to the design is that it’s fairly bulky that subsequently, meaning that females are expected to stumble on its huge.

Hardware & Specs:

All the newly launched smartwatches more or less presents the identical specs, this LG smartwatch is equipped with recognizable Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. The mentioned specs are good enough for handling all the offered feature of the watch efficiently without any lag.

Discussing about its battery size of 410 mAh is relatively usual as seen in other smartwatches available in the market and there’s the customary display of sensors provided including a gyro, compass, accelerometer. An additional feature provided by its manufacturer LG, which is hard to find in other competing smartwatches is the heart rate monitor, which is fitted on the back of the gadget and a barometer for altitude too. But, as per user reviews the heart rate monitor takes bit long to measure or fails more often.


As mentioned earlier you can use Google’s wearable OS with any Android device running version 4.3 or later by connecting it via Bluetooth. You’ll acquire basically the identical familiarity as other smartwatches with Android Wear. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 LE and vibration potential all in all the OS works absolutely fine on the sharp round edge screen and in contrast it seems improved on the G Watch R, as a segment at the bottom isn’t interrupt. LG has also presented some pre-installed modish watchfaces to select from, but you can download more as well.

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Parla Minu P123 is a cheap priced most affordable basic mobile phone, just about appropriate for people just want to have a mobile phone for the sake of it, like for making basic calls and receiving them too with doing simple texting.

Parla Minu P123

This mobile can handle all basic phone practices for its users without any issue, supporting Dual mini SIM cards and SDcard slot makes it much more productive for its already interested prospective users. Here in this article, we will discuss some of its basic functionalities provided by its manufacturer for users.

In-depth Minu P123:

Starting with its screen phone has a 1.8 inch of 128 x 160 pixels display, and having 114 ppi pixel densities too, the display type is TFT, 65K colors.

Talking about the design of the phone dimensions are 106.5 x 45 Parla Minu P123 14 mm thick, and the weight of the phone without battery is 73 g only, so definitely the phone will feel light while holding in the hand.

The phone has a 32mb of minimal internal storage but has a support of sd card up to 32 GB that allows user to store immense data in it.

Parla Minu P123 also has a good quality loud speaker and a 3.5 mm headphone jack slot permitting user to connect external speakers or headset too. Phone also supports Vibration, MP3 ringtones.

On the other hand the integral part of the mobile phone now days is its camera, this economical mobile phone is outfitted with a moderate comparing its standard a VGA, 640 x 480 pixels camera at the back of the phone that will be able capture good enough picture in daylight only.

Some of the other lucrative features of this phone include, FM radio, flash light, MP3 Player and moreover, equipped with a video player as well for making available bit of entertainment to its users side by side.

In the end, the provided battery in the phone is a Li-Ion 600 mAh battery that is fine for at least 4 hours nonstop talk time and up to 200 hours of standby capability.


All in all after analyzing all the built in features of the affordable basic mobile phone such as this Parla Minu P123, it can be good choice if you are searching for mobile phone to fulfill your fundamental call making and receiving need with the productivity of some entertainment leverages via MP3 player and FM radio.

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